Understanding a Father's Visitation Rights After a Divorce

During divorce proceedings, certain agreements are made about finances, custody of children, child support and visitation arrangements. In some cases, both parents are given joint custody. However, in other cases, one parent is given full custody, and the other one has to establish their own visitation arrangement. Most of the time, it is the dads that have to deal with the issue of visitation rights. However, this is not usually the case.

3 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Could Help You Handle and Win Your Divorce Case

Circumstances shouldn't fool you; there's still some bliss after love goes sour. Should you choose divorce, the terrain could get rough for both of you, no matter whether you saw it coming or not. Although most people believe that divorce or separation is a lose-lose process for the partners, it's a plus or gain in some cases. It is always best if you can part ways without fighting it out in a courtroom.

5 Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Are you planning to divorce your partner? If yes, your first task should be looking for a divorce lawyer. The excerpt below discusses a few questions you should ask your lawyer before hiring him or her. What Is Your Experience?  You would be more confident if the lawyer has handled similar cases in the past. Reach out to some of the lawyer's previous and current clients to evaluate his or her professionalism and work ethic.