What Are Some of the Ways That a Family Lawyer Can Help You With Child Support-Related Matters?

Family lawyers help with all sorts of cases that are related to families, including divorce cases, marriage cases, child-related cases, and more. They even help with a variety of matters related to child support. If you are a parent, you might be interested in these different ways that a family lawyer can help you with child support-related matters.

Helping You Determine if You Qualify to Receive Child Support

First of all, if you have partial or full custody of your child, then you might be hoping that your child's other parent will pay you child support to help cover food, housing, clothing, and other expenses for your child. You might not be sure of whether or not you will be eligible to qualify for child support, but a family lawyer can help you make this determination based off of your custody situation and other factors.

Assisting With Child Support Calculations

If you are going to be asking for child support for your child, or if you think that you are going to be ordered to pay child support for a child who you don't have full custody of, then you could be wondering what types of child support amounts will probably be ordered. This is calculated with a specific formula, which can be a bit confusing for the average person who might have little to no child support experience. A family lawyer will typically have a special calculator that they can use to calculate child support amounts, which can be helpful whether you're the one who is going to be paying or receiving child support.

Helping With Child Support Orders

You might be entitled to receive child support from your child's other parent, but there might not be a child support order in place yet. You might need to go to court in order to make this happen. To increase your chances of success when you go to court, you will probably want to have a family lawyer by your side when you go to court to fight for a child support order.

Assisting With Child Support Enforcement

Your child's other parent might have been ordered to pay you child support each week or month. Now, though, you might not be receiving child support payments like you are supposed to. If this is the case, then you could be wondering if there is any action that you can take so that you can receive the money that you are entitled to. Luckily, a family lawyer can assist with child support enforcement.

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