Services Offered By Family Lawyers

Family lawyers are legal experts that handle issues that affect family relationships. In Australia, the work of family lawyers is regulated by The Family Law Act, 1975. Read the excerpt below to understand the conditions that could prompt you to hire the services of a family lawyer. 

Drafting Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Under Australian law, people wishing to draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements must seek independent legal advice from a licenced and qualified family lawyer. Typically, the lawyer will assess the terms of the contract and inform you about its long-term implications. Besides, the lawyer will ensure that the agreement meets the stipulated legal requirements for it to become enforceable.  


Many people hire family lawyers to help them with their divorce cases. The lawyer will assess your current situation and check if you qualify for a divorce. If you do, the lawyer will help you file for divorce and serve divorce papers to your spouse. The lawyer will also advise you on preparing for the process and the activities that you should avoid before the court formalises the divorce. For instance, you should not misuse joint funds or make large purchases without your spouse's consent. 

Negotiating Marriage Settlements

Once you initiate the divorce process, the court expects you to decide how you will raise your kids and share your property. An experienced family lawyer will protect your interests and ensure fairness during the process. Typically, your lawyer will prioritise your kids' welfare to ensure they have a good upbringing regardless of the broken marriage. If your spouse is abusive or cannot raise the kids, your lawyer will file for sole custody in court. 

During property settlement negotiations, the lawyer will protect assets acquired before the marriage. Besides, they will assess the need for spousal maintenance if you cannot maintain your previous lifestyle after the marriage. 

Child Adoption

Child adoption is a taxing process. It is for this reason that you need the expertise of a family lawyer. The professional will check whether you meet the minimum adoption criteria. For instance, you should have a stable home, and your family should be willing to accommodate the adopted child. Additionally, the lawyer will help prepare you for interviews with your case officer. It prevents you from giving contradicting facts and wrong or non-essential information. The lawyer will also manage your expectations to ensure you do not break down if the department rejects your application. 

A family lawyer can help out when drafting prenups and postnuptial agreements, divorce, marriage settlements and child adoption. Contact a local family lawyer if you need help with those things.